Science Jun 30

Why plants don’t die from cancer

Humans and other mammals and birds would have been killed many times over by Chernobyl's radiation that plants in the most contaminated areas received. So why is plant life so resilient to radiation and nuclear disaster?…

Arts Jun 05

The face of Belarus’ ‘invisible people’

In the decades since the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, as the world has reckoned with the unintended effects of nuclear power, a group of people in Belarus has quietly lived out its consequences.

World Apr 26

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Chernobyl’s haunting impact, 30 years later

Bells tolled 30 times in Kiev on Tuesday, once for each year since the world's worst nuclear disaster. Fallout from Chernobyl haunts Europe: It’s estimated that long-term radiation effects will claim at least 9,000 lives. Science correspondent Miles O'Brien offers…