Health Mar 18

Clean water access for India’s poor spawns virus concerns

Experts say keeping hands clean is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent transmission of the new coronavirus, in addition to social distancing. But for India's homeless and urban poor who live in thousands of slums across major…

Nation Feb 03

Minnesota regulators approve Line 3 oil pipeline replacement

Minnesota utility regulators have put Enbridge Energy's plan to replace its aging Line 3 crude oil pipeline back on track. They voted 3-1 to approve a court-ordered revised environmental review and reinstate two key approvals that the company needs to…

Feb 25

Will the West’s ‘Great River’ run dry?

As the Southwest faces rapid growth and unrelenting drought, the Colorado River is in crisis. Now those who depend on the river must confront the hard reality that their supply of Colorado water may be cut off.