Apr 12

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Tool$ Tuesday: Tips For Tax Day

Tax day is breathing down our necks: just under one week left to file. And that's including this year's three-day extension; tax day bumped from the traditional April 15th to the 18th since DC government workers are off Friday (the…

Cable mainstay Larry King's CNN show ends Thursday after 25 years. His successor, British talk-show host Piers Morgan, might be an unfamiliar face to many American viewers, but he's been a major player in the U.K. media scene for decades.

The Iraqi government expelled four CNN reporters, including correspondents Nic Robertson and Rym Brahimi, from the country, forcing the four to join the hundreds of U.S. journalists fleeing the bombarded Iraqi capital.

CNN has laid off 20 workers from its interactive operation, executives announced today, citing redundancies in the company's broadcast and Internet units.

AOL Time Warner cut more than 2,000 jobs Tuesday in what officials from the recently-merged company said was a move to streamline operations.

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