In March, basketball fans have their "madness" fans have South by Southwest. The annual festival brings more than 1,800 musicians from around the globe to Austin, Texas, which even in normal times bills itself as the "live music capitol of…

Two years ago, pianist Simone Dinnerstein seized the attention of the classical music world with a debut concert at Carnegie Hall and a self-produced recording that became a bestseller and made many critics' top lists that year.

Author Neil Gaiman is a man of many genres: science fiction, graphic novels -- some of you will know his "Sandman" series -- screenplays, adult fiction, as well as books for young readers.

For most of the English-speaking world and certainly for this reader, Roberto Bolano was unknown only a few years ago. Since then, he's become a literary phenomenon--his novels read, reviewed, discussed, widely praised.

Jan 07

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Sculptor Andy Goldsworthy has spent much of the last three decades creating works amid natural settings in his native England or across Europe and North America, or even at the North Pole.

Peter Matthiessen, a 2008 National Book Award winner, is best known as both a novelist and non-fiction writer, but he's also an environmental activist, American Indian rights advocate and former C.I.A. recruit.

The new film, "Milk," by director Gus Van Sant tells the story of Harvey Milk, who in 1977 became the first openly gay elected official in the United States as a member of the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors.