Mar 16

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Live Chat: Economic Inequality

EDITOR’S NOTE: Join us live right here on Thursday, March 17 at 3p.m. ET for a chat between Paul Solman, Dante Chinni of Patchwork Nation and Derek Thompson of The Atlantic. The discussion will be…

Name: Michael Cassady Question: With the suffering from the financial crisis falling mostly on masses of people who were not responsible for causing it, why has there not been a healthy postmortem and acceptance of responsibility before the victims are…

Mar 10

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ProPublica’s Mortgage Mod Squad: HAMP’S a Flop

As you've probably heard by now either on our program or elsewhere, the administration's Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP for short) has been a disappointment -- to put it generously. The program, announced back in February 2009, aimed to…

Mar 09

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With all the strife over public sector unions, including irate e-mails in response to our pension coverage on the program, we thought we'd lighten the mood today by sharing some recent political cartoons.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Last month, we featured a week-long series of songs by our country crooning friend Merle Hazard about the Euro-debt crisis: Spain, Ireland, Italy and Germany, and an encore of the infamous Greek…

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