Nation Nov 15

Gwen’s Take on journalism, race and Queen Latifah

We at the PBS NewsHour and Washington Week lost our dear colleague, Gwen Ifill, to cancer on Monday. During her life, she often was called upon to discuss journalism, but other topics, too: among them, race, music and advice for…

Politics Oct 07

Gwen’s Take: The end is in sight

Just about a month from now, Election Day will have come and gone. Americans, who appear not to have much taste for either major presidential nominee, will have made their choice. But truth to tell, any politician who is being…

Politics Sep 23

Gwen’s Take: How to moderate a debate

Moderating a debate means spending more time with briefing books than with your children. It means writing, and rewriting, and rephrasing. It means finding a way to be alert enough to notice when your question goes unanswered and nimble enough…

Politics Sep 02

Gwen’s Take: The high dive

Every time one of those amazing, tightly muscled divers stepped confidently to the edge of a high board, I held my breath. As they sprang into the air and spiraled into the pool, I couldn't help but think of the…

At a time when a debate about the correct way to eat pizza or use a New York City subway MetroCard can consume an entire news cycle, just imagine what the Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas hearings would do to us.

Mar 25

How mean can we get?

The story of infamous political rivals Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton is one of Broadway's hottest tickets. Then as now, running for president -- they both aspired to it; neither achieved it -- can be deadly serious.