Health Jan 12

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In Photos: A Year of Tragedy and Survival in Haiti

Wednesday marks one year since a magnitude-7 earthquake devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010, killing more than 230,000 people and injuring many more. Rick Loomis, a Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer for the Los Angeles Times, arrived in Haiti one…

Politics Jan 10

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Haiti Reconstruction Aid Falls Short, New Figures Show

New figures on reconstruction aid to Haiti reveal that while billions have been pledged, international donors were slow to deliver funds in 2010. Some key figures: International donors pledged $2.01 billion for Haiti reconstruction and recovery efforts in 2010, but…

World Jan 07

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U.S. Ambassador to Haiti: The Emergency Is Not Over Yet

The emergency response phase in Haiti is not yet over, but the process of reconstruction is moving forward, Ambassador Kenneth Merten told Jeffrey Brown this week in Port-au-Prince. "We are at the one year point now, and things have been…

Jeffrey Brown is in Haiti this week reporting on reconstruction efforts after last year's earthquake. He's also following up on the country's ongoing cholera outbreak, which has killed more than 3,300 Haitians. He filed this dispatch on the…

Jan 03

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Jan. 12 will mark one year since a powerful earthquake rocked Haiti. The NewsHour's Jeffrey Brown is reporting in Port-au-Prince and beyond this week on life in the country a year later, the recent cholera outbreak and more. Brown…

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