Jan 21

Bernie Sanders’ health plan is Medicare on growth hormones

WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders calls his plan for a government-run health care system "Medicare for all." But it's not. With full coverage for long-term care, most dental work included, no deductibles and zero copays, the Sanders plan…

Jan 13

President Barack Obama spent his final State of the Union speech last night defending his record in office on everything from climate change and healthcare to national security and education. But his legacy is complicated, and understanding it requires some…

Jan 08

Obama vetoes bill to repeal signature health care law

WASHINGTON — Protecting his signature domestic achievement, President Barack Obama on Friday vetoed legislation to repeal his health care law, saying the measure “would reverse the significant progress we have made in improving health care in America.”…

Jan 04

Big changes coming to Medicare in 2016

Whether it's coverage for end-of-life counseling or an experimental payment scheme for common surgeries, Medicare in 2016 is undergoing some of the biggest changes in its 50 years.

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