Economy Apr 15

You aren’t Warren Buffett. Stop trying to invest like him.

Personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated, say journalist Helaine Olen and University of Chicago professor Harold Pollack. Their new book, “The Index Card,” asserts that all the financial information you need could fit on one 3-by-5-inch index card.

Millions of baby boomers who are set to retire over the next few years may someday regret that they did no’t pay more attention to the tax implications of their mutual fund investments during their working lives.

Apr 01

You might think of economist Terry Burnham as the "Chicken Little of Finance." That's because he's repeatedly argued that the Dow will hit 5,000 before it hits 20,000. Since he first made that forecast in the summer of 2013, the…

At an economic conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, last week, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said the central bank is awaiting more recovery in the labor market before deciding when to raise interest rates. That was bad news for economist…

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