Oct 15

What’s at stake in Iran nuclear talks?

VIENNA — An Iranian nuclear agreement is the Obama administration's grandest foreign policy objective, a legacy-defining endeavor that holds the prospect of ending the gravest potential threat to Israel and the Middle East and reintegrating Iran into the world community.

Jun 07

U.S. reassembles team for upcoming talks with Tehran

The U.S. is reassembling key members of the diplomatic team that held secret negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program, leading to a breakthrough agreement, and sending them to Geneva for direct talks with representatives from Tehran in hopes of…

GENEVA - It was 4:40 a.m. Sunday when Iranian Foreign Minister Javid Zarif strode in to meet the world press in the fluorescent-lit Geneva conference center. He'd had little sleep over four-and-a-half days of grueling negotiations, yet he flashed reporters…

Oct 29

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Iran-UN nuclear talks gain traction while both sides agree to hold next round in Tehran on Nov. 11: http://t.co/qR6G6dv1EN -MM— The Associated Press (@AP) October 29, 2013…