Economy Feb 07

How the housing crisis boxed in some job seekers

When job searchers were constrained geographically due to the "lock in" effect of lower home values, they were more likely to apply for lower-level and lower-paying positions within their commuting zone.

Economy Apr 10

Why did Walmart raise its wages?

This article is reproduced with permission from Forbes. Find the original story here. Walmart recently announced that it was raising its minimum starting wage to $9 an hour, 24% higher than the federal minimum. Since Walmart is…

Apr 02

Why education won’t solve America’s inequality crisis

Earnings inequality in America has increased since 1979 — that much we know. But why and what to do about it is murky — in part because we’re often talking past each other when we talk about inequality. There are…

Mar 17

Why you shouldn’t expect wages to rise any time soon

For months, the thorn in the side of otherwise sunny jobs reports has been sluggish wage growth. As unemployment falls, wages are supposed to rise. Those expectations will likely play a role in the Fed's policy deliberations this week. But…

In an economy where college graduates earn significantly more than high school grads and enjoy a much lower unemployment rate, why are fewer people enrolling in college? Enrollment has dropped by nearly a million since 2011. Is this an expected…

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