Filters are good. They stop us from saying what we shouldn’t when we are cut off in traffic — especially when there are kids in the car. Ideally, they remind us that we should look up the facts before we…

The former Arkansas governor mocked Obama's elevation of climate change as a critical issue. Huckabee says a greater threat is violent radical elements stoking fear around the world. He says America hasn't done enough to strike those terror groups.

Jan 13

2016 here we come!

The jockeying for the White House in 2016 kicked into a second gear with former candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum making headlines.

Apr 09

Obama goes back to Fort Hood

Today in the Morning Line: Obama speaks again after a tragedy Hillary Clinton says Putin must be contained Are some Republicans already taking the bait on women? Start watching those House races Obama goes back to Ft. Hood: President Obama…

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