World Apr 10

Photos: Hagel visits Mongolia to sign agreement, receives horse

U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel signed a joint vision statement with Mongolian Defense Minister Dashdemberal Bat-Erdene Thursday at Mongolia's Ministry of Defense in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. The agreement calls for more U.S. military exercises with Mongolia as the country…

Science Jul 25

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Mongolian Herders See Changes as Temperatures Rise

The East Asian nation of Mongolia is home to about 3 million people, half of whom make their living off of livestock. Since 1960, Mongolia's average temperature has increased by 3.85 degrees Fahrenheit -- a change faster than the…

More than 2.7 million livestock have died in what observers are calling the harshest winter Mongolia has faced in nearly a decade. A natural disaster, known locally as a "dzud," has dealt a financial blow to many herding families.

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