Nation Apr 13

DELETE ON 5/13/20 A home had its roof torn off after a tornado ripped through Monroe, La. just before noon on Sunday, April 12, 2020 causing damage to a neighborhood and the regional airport. (Nicolas Galindo/The News-Star via AP)
Storms sweep South, killing at least 30

Piling fresh misery atop a pandemic, the storms also left more than 1 million homes and businesses without power amid floods and mudslides.

Nation Mar 06

Trump surveys tornado damage, marvels at ‘tremendous heart’

President Donald Trump has toured a neighborhood in Tennessee reduced to rubble by a tornado earlier this week and marveled at "the tremendous heart" he witnessed. He also offered a message for survivors and those who lost family members, saying:…

Nation Jan 13

Experts warn Puerto Rico isn’t prepared for big earthquakes

A flurry of earthquakes topped by a 6.4-magnitude one that recently killed one person, injured nine others and damaged hundreds of homes, schools and businesses in southwest Puerto Rico has many accusing the government of being caught unaware despite the…

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