Politics Nov 03

WATCH: Trump visits RNC Annex in Arlington on Election Day

More than 100 staffers, almost all wearing masks, lined up against the back wall of the operations center to hear from their candidate. Some masks were emblazoned with “Trump” and “MAGA” for Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.

Politics Aug 27

Biden, Harris criticize Trump response to unrest and pandemic

Biden's remarks on television and Harris' in a speech come hours before Trump plans to address the final night of the Republican National Convention. The two had been largely silent for the first three days of the GOP gathering.

Aug 22

AP FACT CHECK: What the Dems didn’t say, and what Trump did

Joe Biden and fellow Democrats spun an assortment of facts to their benefit in their national convention. Meanwhile President Donald Trump flooded the zone with falsehoods, some so apparent that anyone with access to the internet could see the folly…