Secret Service director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday in the wake of revelations about security lapses in protecting the president and the White House. Carol Leonnig of The Washington Post joins Hari Sreenivasan for an update.

Oct 01

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigns

High-ranking lawmakers from both parties Wednesday urged Secret Service Director Julia Pierson to resign, as support for Pierson eroded in the wake of her poorly received testimony about the White House break-in.

Oct 01

Senior congressman wants Secret Service chief out

WASHINGTON — A senior Republican lawmaker wants Secret Service Director Julia Pierson to leave her job, and a senior Democrat said Wednesday he is not comfortable with her leading the Secret Service but subsequently said he hasn't decided whether she…

Oct 01

No single issue breaking through this election

When people ask this year, “What’s this election all about?” it’s not an easy question to answer. There’s no one clear issue that has broken through. Remember, this election was supposed to be about health care or, maybe, on the…

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