Politics May 30

China, U.S. at impasse over Chinese land reclamation projects

China vigorously defended its South China Sea land reclamation projects in the face of persistent criticism from U.S. leaders at an international security summit Saturday as the standoff in the Asia-Pacific region shows few signs of abating…

Politics Jul 01

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China, Tibetan Envoys Open New Round of Talks

Envoys of Tibet's exiled government met with Chinese officials in Beijing on Tuesday in the second round of informal talks over the disputed region of Tibet, an area governed by China since the 1950s that was the site of violent…

Politics Dec 20

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U.N.-Backed Talks Deadlock Over Kosovo Status

Negotiations led by the U.N. Security Council to determine the future of Kosovo ended in a deadlock Wednesday, with Western diplomats saying talks would continue in European capitals over the fate of the U.N. administered province.

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