Oct 14

Republicans winning the ad-spending race

Conservative outside groups are outspending Democratic-leaning ones, $191 million to $130 million this cycle, the Washington Post’s Matea Gold reported Monday. Overall spending on everything from ads to keeping the lights on, combining both House and Senate races, has hit…

Oct 10

Why (almost) no one cares about this election

Today in the Morning Line: Just a third of people have given “some” thought to this midterm And they’re not paying much attention to news about it Why is that? Two possible reasons: The lack of perceptible consequences and…

Oct 09

Democrats’ midterm demographic problem

Today in the Morning Line: Supreme Court’s N.C. Voter ID decision highlights Democrats’ midterm demographic struggles 10 million fewer unmarried women showed up in 2010 vs. 2008 Non-white voters underrepresented in midterms by 60 percent Young voters are the…

Oct 07

Forget Election Day — voting is already happening

Today in the Morning Line: 43 states have some form of early voting What mail ballots could say about the N.C. Senate race About one-in-five expected to vote early More fundraising for President Obama Early voting underway: With less than…

Oct 06

Democrats pour money into ‘firewall’ states

Today in the Morning Line: N.C., Colo., Iowa tops in ad spending for final two months of campaign Democrats have edge on the air in all three Republicans spending more in Ark., Alaska, La. New polls show Roberts in…

Oct 03

Morning Line’s October Top 10

Today in the Morning Line: Kansas, Iowa move up the board Are Republicans on cusp of majority? It could be close. Positive jobs report, as unemployment dips below 6 percent for first time in six years Obama expresses frustration…

Oct 02

Obama to defend economic legacy

President Obama has been saddled with approval ratings near or at the lowest of his presidency. Of late, he has been focused on foreign policy issues, yet today he tries to shift the narrative to talk about the economy in…

Oct 01

No single issue breaking through this election

When people ask this year, “What’s this election all about?” it’s not an easy question to answer. There’s no one clear issue that has broken through. Remember, this election was supposed to be about health care or, maybe, on the…

Sep 30

Secret Service director in the hot seat

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson testifies Tuesday at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing at 10 a.m. EDT. She will face questioning over the agency’s handling of a Sept. 19 White House fence jumper.