Politics Feb 25

5 graphs that show how the face of America is changing

Hispanics are one of the largest and fastest-growing voting blocs in the country and stand to be a political powerhouse over the next two generations. A new report shows that the country is getting more diverse, more educated and older.

Politics Feb 24

The 3 possibilities in the shutdown showdown over Homeland Security

With four days left until the Department of Homeland Security runs out of funding (Friday at midnight), the politics remain complicated but the options for Congress are simple: (1) Let DHS funding run out, (2) Fund the agency for the…

Politics Feb 19

Who said it? Bush vs. Obama on Islam

Today in the Morning Line: The president defends his words on terror A problem for the White House Can you tell which quotes are from President Obama and which are from former President George W. Bush? Word play: Leading…

Feb 18

Does having a college degree matter in a president?

Today in the Morning Line: Scott Walker doesn’t have a college degree. Should anyone care? Nine presidents — two on Mount Rushmore — didn’t have college degrees But just one president in the last 114 years didn’t have one…

Feb 17

Texas judge blocks Obama immigration action

Today in the Morning Line: Federal judge halts Obama’s executive action the day before it’s set to take place Obama administration to appeal decision Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of foreign policy Why Jeb Bush has to talk about…

Feb 10

A little bipartisanship begins to show in Washington

Don’t get us wrong, Morning Line is not painting a picture of blossoming bipartisanship at the U.S. Capitol. But, slowly, quietly, a few green shoots are sprouting, nearly unnoticed in the shadow of dark (also true) headlines about partisan divide.