Nov 12

2016 is all about Hillary Clinton and the GOP drama

If she were a Republican, she’d be the elephant in the room. In many ways, the 2016 election is all about Hillary Clinton. She leads in all the polls. Republicans have been taking aim at her since she stepped down…

Nov 11

Money is pretty good predictor of who will win elections

We already know that the $4 billion spent on this midterm election was more than any other midterm in history. It was the most on congressional elections ever, including during a presidential year. What do the numbers really tell us?…

Nov 10

2014 midterm election turnout lowest in 70 years

Final numbers are still being tallied, but at this point it looks pretty clear that turnout in these midterms was the lowest overall in 70 years. Turnout of the voting-eligible population was just 36.4 percent, according to the projection from…

Nov 06

How the battle of the sexes shifted power in DC

Today in the Morning Line: Women make just incremental gains Democrats slipped with women Republicans won big margins with men in key places Women in the new Congress: There will be 100 women for the first time in Congress.

Nov 05

Breaking down the 2014 Republican wave

Last night was a huge night for Republicans. They took back the Senate, netting seven seats (so far); they could get up to 250 House seats when all the vote counting is completed, which would be the most seats for…

Nov 04

Your election night cheat sheet

Tune into the PBS NewsHour tonight for more than seven hours of live election coverage. You also can download our 2014 PBS Election Briefing Book and learn about which states' political parties spent the most in campaign ads in Tuesday's…

Nov 03

Morning Line’s final Top 10 Senate races

Over the weekend, a rash of polls were released -- all pointing to a Republican edge. There are still some key questions for Election Night. One big one -- will it end on Election Night? Republicans need to net six…

Oct 31

Forget 2014, everyone wants to talk about 2016 already

The presidential election has begun already, right? We are still four days from voting happening Tuesday to decide these much poured-over midterm elections. And yet, there are a slew of headlines already about the next presidential election.

Oct 30

The six bellwether counties of 2014

Some of us can’t wait for Election Night. Instead of pundit talk, we get actual raw vote. There’s a lot to keep track of, especially for what to watch in the race for the Senate. There are several counties to…

Oct 29

President Obama knows where he’s not welcome

President Obama largely has been missing from the campaign trail during this 2014 campaign. And the places where this campaign is playing out, where the most competitive Senate races are, are in states he lost by double-digits during the 2012…