Politics Feb 13

Howard Dean, physician and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, speaks during a 2009 technology conference in Pasadena, California. Photo by Phil McCarten/Reuters
Howard Dean to lead new Dem voter data exchange

The one-time presidential candidate, former Vermont governor and ex-Democratic National Committee chairman is set to return to prominence as head of a new operation that Democrats hope puts them back on par with Republicans in the never-ending race to use…

Politics Aug 25

Democrats OK limiting party leaders’ role in picking nominee

After two years of sometimes ugly public fighting, Democratic Party leaders on Saturday voted to limit their own high-profile roles in choosing presidential nominees, giving even more weight to the outcome of state primaries and caucuses.

As Republicans continue to dominate Congress, Democrats on Saturday elected a new leader for their party. Former Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who won the vote over Rep. Keith Ellison, will serve as chair of the Democratic National Committee. NPR political…

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