Apr 14

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On a recent evening in Washington, D.C., a petite woman stepped onto a stage before a sold-out crowd. Her look was casual, but this was no soft-spoken, indie folk singer. It was Neko Case, who some critics say is in…

On a cool Easter Sunday morning in 1939, 22-year-old photographer Robert Scurlock was sent on one of his first assignments to the Lincoln Memorial to capture a performance by Marian Anderson, the world-famous black contralto.

Just about every night at a football field in Northwest, Howard University's marching band has been spending hours rehearsing around the track, preparing for its biggest event ever: Tuesday's inauguration parade.

In the lead-up to the passing of the keys to the White House, Washington, D.C., is giving entirely new meaning to the "party system." Most hotels have been sold out for months; Craigslist is overstocked with temporary rentals.

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