Dec 29

A healthcare worker, who was returning from Sierra Leone after treating Ebola patients in West Africa, tested positive for the disease, Scottish officials confirmed Monday. It is the country’s first confirmed Ebola patient.

At the same time that globalization improves lives across the world, it carries systemic risks to our health, climate and economy. There's no way to mitigate those risks, especially contagious diseases like Ebola, without national support for intergovernmental organizations, argues…

Oct 17

Obama names Ebola ‘czar’

WASHINGTON — Facing renewed criticism about the U.S. response to Ebola, President Barack Obama is conceding that it may make sense to have a single person lead the administration's effort. But he says imposing a travel ban from disease-ravaged West…

Oct 16

Why do donations to fight Ebola remain modest?

NEW YORK — Individual Americans, rich or not, donated generously in response to many recent international disasters, including the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and last year's Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The response to the Ebola epidemic is far less…

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