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Cracker salvaged from sinking Titanic auctioned for $23,000

A collector in Greece purchased what is likely ‘the most expensive biscuit ever sold’ — a cracker that survived the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic — for roughly $23,000 last week.

The 103-year-old Spillers and Bakers “Pilot” biscuit was made from a simple recipe of flour and water and belonged to a survival kit from one of the doomed ocean liner’s lifeboats.

James Fenwick, a passenger aboard the SS Carpathia when it went to rescue survivors from the sinking Titanic, claimed the cracker and saved it in an envelope, according to Henry Aldridge & Son, the U.K. auction house that sold the morsel.

“Will the buyer take a bite out of the biscuit? I doubt it, it would be a most expensive nibble,” Henry Aldridge & Son auctioneer Andrew Aldridge told the state-run Xinhua News Agency in China.

The 3.5-square-inch cracker was auctioned on October 24 and had been estimated to sell for $15,300 to $18,406.

The auction house noted that the next-costliest biscuit ever sold was one from an Antarctic expedition. It fetched a price of $4,500.

The auction included other Titanic artifacts, including a sterling silver cup that was presented to the captain of the Carpathia by Titanic-survivor Molly Brown (immortalized on Broadway and the silver screen in the ’60s musical The Unsinkable Molly Brown), which sold for $230,000, and a photo of the iceberg that purportedly sunk the Titanic sold for $32,000.

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