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Taco Bell portrays McDonald’s as communist society in new ad campaign

A new advertising campaign from Taco Bell reimagines McDonald’s empire as a dystopian society.

A short film portrays a dilapidated world, complete with a run-down PlayPlace, run by eerie Ronald McDonald lookalikes. Inhabitants are offered only one thing for breakfast — what appears to be a pathetic-looking Egg McMuffin.

The Ramones’ anti-conformity anthem “Blitzkrieg Bop” suddenly starts playing as a man and woman make a break from their grey lives, jumping over a ball pit moat to enter a new, more colorful land. There, bells ring out (subtle, Taco Bell) and a different breakfast is handed over — behold! Taco Bell’s hexagon-shaped Crunchwrap.

Taco Bell's latest ad campaign tries to win over new breakfast fans.

Taco Bell’s latest ad campaign tries to win over new breakfast fans.

The fast-food joint also released images in the form of communist-like propaganda that repeats the message that “circle is good,” “hexagon is bad” and “routine is delicious.”

McDonald’s hasn’t directly responded to Taco Bell’s dig, but unrelatedly did reveal its own Big Mac lifestyle collection.

Recently, the golden-arched chain announced that within the next two years, it will serve only antibiotic-free chicken. And milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones will also be offered.

Both changes are meant to keep up with shifts in consumer demands.

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