WATCH: Secretary of State Blinken and Kuwait Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed hold a briefing

U.S. and Kuwaiti diplomats have concluded the Fifth Strategic Dialogue in Washington, with teams from both countries working on a variety of bilateral issues.

Watch Blinken’s remarks in the player above.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheik Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah discussed the results of the weeklong meeting at the State Department Wednesday.

“We talked about the ongoing security challenge posed by Russia’s provocations and threatened aggression toward Ukraine,” Blinken said, pointing to Kuwait’s experience under Iraqi occupation in 1991, which ended with the Kuwait’s liberation at the end of the 1991 Persian Gulf War.

Blinken also announced a memorandum of understanding between both government’s to share technical information and best practices to combat future pandemics.  He also thanked Kuwait for its support of the U.S. position in its negotiations with Iran to return to the Iran nuclear agreement of 2015, known as the JCPOA.

“The United States appreciates Kuwait’s support for a mutual return to compliance with the JCPOA, the Iran nuclear agreement, because it’s the most effective way to ensure that Iran cannot develop a nuclear weapon,” Blinken said.