World Sep 29

Crown prince becomes Kuwait’s new ruling emir

While his taking of the throne came as prescribed by Kuwait's constitution, there likely will be negotiations behind the scenes in the weeks ahead over who will become the country's next crown prince.

World Sep 29

Kuwait Emir Sheikh Al Sabah dies at age 91

His 2006 ascension in Kuwait, a staunch U.S. ally since the American-led war that expelled occupying Iraqi troops, came after parliament voted unanimously to oust his predecessor.

Politics Dec 01

1991 Gulf War looms large over Bush’s Mideast legacy

With Bush’s death , his legacy across the Middle East takes root in that 100-hour ground war that routed Iraqi forces.That war gave birth to the network of military bases America now operates across the Persian Gulf.

Jan 15

Jeb Bush lays out plans for foreign policy

CORALVILLE, Iowa — Jeb Bush believes he's got the best prescription for American foreign policy, from his strategies for deterring North Korea's nuclear ambitions, to destroying the Islamic State.