WATCH: State Department announces new sanctions for human rights abuses

The United States is imposing sanctions on a broad array of people and companies around the world for corruption and human rights abuses — from illegal fishing operations in Chinese waters to kickbacks in Guatemala — in recognition of International Anti-Corruption Day.

Watch the briefing in the player above.

Those sanctioned include the 15-member Russian elections commission, which oversaw a sham referendum in Russia-occupied Ukraine in September, a group of companies and people linked to illegal fishing operations and human rights abuses in Chinese waters and a church founder in the Philippines charged with sex trafficking.

Other people and firms from Iran, the Western Balkans, Liberia and El Salvador were also among those identified by the U.S. federal government for financial penalties and blocks on property located or managed in the U.S.

“The announcement is a sweeping action against corrupt actors and those connected to human rights abuses and violations worldwide,” said Vedant Patel, a spokesman at the State Department. “It’s a series of broad designations that has impacted more than 65 individuals and entities in 17 countries.”

The sanctions announcement comes on the day that the U.N. General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and aligns with Biden administration officials’ participation in the International Anti-Corruption Conference this week.

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The sanctions targets announced Friday include a group of companies accused of illegal fishing and worker abuse in Chinese waters.

Additionally, three politicians from Guatemala, including Allan Estuardo Rodriguez Reyes, the country’s former president of the Congress, face sanctions for alleged corruption and using political influence to get kickbacks and other favors.

And in Russia, several presidential administration officials and the country’s elections commission will be blocked from the U.S. financial system. A U.S. Treasury statement says that for years the Kremlin’s elections commission has touted “clean and transparent elections in Russia that have been riddled with irregularities and credible accusations that the Kremlin has carefully managed the results.”

The Biden administration is also accusing Russia of moving to provide advanced military assistance to Iran, including air defense systems, helicopters and fighter jets, part of deepening cooperation between the two nations as Tehran provides drones to support Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

“It is continues to become clear that Iran has become Russia’s top military backer,” Patel said.

“Russia has been using Iranian UAVs to strike Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, depriving millions of Ukrainians of light, heat and critical services,” he said. “In terms of holding and holding both regimes accountable. We continue to have a number of tools available in our toolset.”