What to expect from the COP21 climate talks in Paris

On the eve of a major climate conference in Paris, thousands of demonstrators gathered along the route of a protest march that had been banned by the government in a security crackdown following the Nov. 13 terror attacks on the French capital.


Even as world leaders, in a “very hopeful moment,” descend upon the city in hopes of reaching an agreement to halt climate change, the main variable setting apart the 2015 Paris Climate Conference are the realities of global security, according to Charles Sennott, the founder and executive director of the GroundTruth Project.

“I think people should know this is an amazing crossroads of narratives between terrorism and the attempt to cause a lot of fear and division,” Sennott told PBS NewsHour’s Hari Sreenivasan in a Google Hangout on Sunday.

“I really hope we’ll now see the world and the world shift to this optic on climate change and focus in on as I say what could become a very historic agreement,” he said.

Watch the Google Hangout with Hari Sreenivasan and GroundTruth Project’s Charles Sennott, Manon Verchot and Justin Calma, in the video above.