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When Police Shoot

Police across Utah shot at 30 people two years ago. And then in 2020, the state tied that record. With no government entity collecting such data, The Salt Lake Tribune will expand its own data gathering on police shootings.

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What Utah Police Can do to Reduce the Times They Shoot at Minorities
A decade of data clearly shows police in Utah disproportionately shoot at racial and ethnic minorities. What isn’t so clear is what to do about it.
The Salt Lake Tribune
September 22, 2021
New Data on Utah Police Shootings and Race Called ‘Extremely Uncomfortable’, ‘Disappointing’
Racial and ethnic minorities account for a third of the people shot at by Utah police over the past decade — despite these groups making up just a quarter of the population.
The Salt Lake Tribune
September 20, 2021
Why Utah Police Can Be Forced to Explain a Shooting and How Those Interviews Can Become Public
Police chiefs can force officers to talk after a police shooting, and those interviews — while they can’t be used in criminal proceedings against officers — may become public.
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 6, 2021
Utah Couple Say Internal Police Interview Contradicts Cottonwood Heights on Shooting Death of Son
The new revelations are part of the family’s civil suit. But prosecutors can’t use the information in a criminal investigation.
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 5, 2021
A Utah Prosecutor Says New Self-Defense Law Makes It Harder to Charge Problematic Police Officers
Reacting to calls for police reform, some states have made it easier for prosecutors to criminally charge officers accused of using deadly force when they shouldn’t have. Utah, on the other hand, made it harder.
The Salt Lake Tribune
August 2, 2021
‘A disturbing shooting’: Salt Lake County district attorney says officer was justified in killing handcuffed man
An exasperated district attorney tried to get two points across at a Thursday news conference. The first is that as the law is currently written, Longman’s shooting was justified. The second is that Gill thinks the law should be changed. 
The Salt Lake Tribune
July 22, 2021
Most Never Shoot at Someone, but These 38 Utah Officers Have Pulled the Trigger Multiple Times
The Salt Lake Tribune and FRONTLINE reporters relied on police records and news reports to document each time a Utah officer fired his or her weapon from 2004 to 2020, tracking 318 shootings.
The Salt Lake Tribune
July 13, 2021
VIDEO: A Utah Police Officer Killed a Man Inside the Police Department. It Was His Third Shooting.
A West Valley City police sergeant killed Michael Chad Breinholt nearly two years ago, but the district attorney still hasn’t said whether the shooting was justified.
The Salt Lake Tribune
July 12, 2021
Their Brother Catalyzed a Movement in Utah Last Year. Now Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal’s Siblings Just Want Relief.
Last summer, activists in Utah chanted Bernardo Palacios-Carbajal’s name alongside George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.
The Salt Lake Tribune
May 28, 2021
The Tension Between Border Town Police and Navajos is Real. And These People are Trying to Change That.
Research traces the conflict between Navajo Nation members and border town police back to the 1840s, when white settlers began occupying areas of Navajo land. These outcroppings became the border towns of today.
The Salt Lake Tribune
March 1, 2021
A Desert Shootout Spills Into Utah, Leaving One Man Dead and a Sergeant Facing Charges
A Colorado sheriff’s sergeant chased a car into Navajo Nation land in Utah and killed a man. Feds in Utah said the fatal shots were justified, but Colorado state prosecutors are now pressing charges tied to the shootout.
The Salt Lake Tribune
March 1, 2021
Utah Attorney General’s Office ‘Surprised’ Police Shot at So Many People in 2020
The Salt Lake Tribune and FRONTLINE collaborate to investigate police shootings after Utah fails to collect data.
The Salt Lake Tribune
January 10, 2021