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Meet the Team

Click here for captivating interviews with the leading players on the expedition, drawn from interviews conducted by NOVA producer Susan Kopman Lewis for the upcoming NOVA program on this subject, tentatively slated for broadcast in the spring of 1999. Naturally, there are many other people participating in the voyage, from science teachers to ship's cooks. You'll meet some of them later in the Dispatches, as the expedition unfolds.

Dr. John R. Delaney
Co-Leader of the Expedition, University of Washington
MathezDr. Deborah Kelley
Chief scientist aboard the John P. Tully
Dr. Edmond A. Mathez
Co-Leader of the Expedition and Geologist, American Museum of Natural History
ShepherdLeRoy Olson
Chief engineer in charge of recovery
Keith Shepherd
Pilot of remotely operated vehicle ROPOS

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