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Into the Abyss
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Table of Contents

The Mission
Birth of an Expedition
Mission Plan
Meet the Team
Through the Porthole

Tug of the Thompson (June 23)
The ROPOS Guys (June 25)
In the Juan de Fuca Strait (June 27)
Special Report: A Visit to Atlantis (June 29)
Dive 440 (July 1)
Rescue at Sea (July 2)
What's Your Position? (July 4)
Phang! (July 5)
20,000 Pounds of Tension (July 8)
Four for Four (July 11)
Thrown Overboard (July 13)
Was Grandma a Hyperthermophile? (July 15)
Swing of the Yo-Yo (July 18)

Life in the Abyss
Living at Extremes
Inside a Tubeworm
Deep-Sea Bestiary

The Last Frontier
Discoveries in the Abyss
Deep Sea Machines
Vents of the World
Get Real
Special Thanks

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