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"i've always been different"

All my life, I've always been different. Even from a little kid I've always stood out. Just somehow, someway, I've been different.

I like being an individual. I mean, I hate fitting in with people. I love standing out. Everyone loves who I am around here, pretty much, because I stand out so much.

A lot of them see me as a hypocrite or something like that, and I ask them, why do you see me like this, and they give the same reason all the time: Look at you, you're weird. I'm just like, "SO?" The world needs weird people -- there's a lot of Christians out there that are weird, and we need other weird people to talk to.

Pretty much the only people that I really fit in with are other people like me. There's a lot of kids that dress like me, but I don't really fit in with them because I'm a Christian. So pretty much the only people I really fit in with are other people like me, which are very few, they're scattered out there.

When I get up in front of the Mega-Worship with our band, my main goal is just to show people that you don't have to be dressed preppy or whatever you call it to be a good Christian. It's not about what you look like, its about what's in your heart. What music you listen to, whether you listen to hip hop or you listen to death metal or you listen to boy bands, it don't matter. As long as you love God, that's what in your heart, and that's all that matters 'cause that's somethin' that a lot of kids seem not to understand because their churches usually teach older beliefs.

I personally don't believe there should be denominations because I don't see how everybody can believe certain little things that are different and still have every single one of them say they only believe firmly what the Bible says.

Cody displays his newly pierced nipples

There's been a lot of Christians, as a matter of fact a youth pastor from a church around here told me, "The way you look is very un-Christianly, you're sending off a bad message." And I basically just think, how can you consider yourself a high enough power to make that judgment on me, 'cause I mean, I could look at some guy wearing a Harley Davidson shirt and old pair of work boots and who talks as red neck as could be, and I could assume, oh that guy's an alcoholic and a wife beater. But you don't know that. There's no telling what that guy is. I mean as far as I know, that guy likes the same music as me and is a Christian and everything else. You just can't judge people like that.

I think every real Christian has something in comon with Jesus. And mine is the fact that Jesus just came to earth to preach about God. All the other preachers and churches of the town hated him, they got him killed for it -- crucified. And I play music, I'm in a Christian band, and there are certain churches around here that condemn me for it.

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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