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why i want to be a preacher

I wanna be a preacher because I just feel like I got some sort of responsibility to give people my message. As far as why I feel I gotta do it, it's not necessarily me so much as I feel it's more like God's wanting to use me to do it. I'm like the tool, you know, to do it with.

If I became a preacher, I'd preach about everything. But I got a problem with not all, but some churches today, 'cause it's boring. And, you know, I myself don't believe that Jesus was a boring guy. I mean everybody thought he was nuts. How could he be boring?

It's just church is like so blue collar, almost. It's like it's not church anymore. It's a big social event for all these people in suits and ties to go to that don't really know why they're there. They're just there to look good. Not all of them are like that. I'm not saying it's even most of them, but there are some like that.

Cody and Pastor Bill Stukenburg discuss being a preacher

And I don't want to tell people you got to be outrageous, but I want to tell them that it's OK -- you should just be you. I mean, if you don't feel like wearing a suit, who really cares, you know? Our preacher wears a flannel and jeans to church. Nobody cares. His message is going to be the same no matter what he's wearing.

I just hope that people will be able to accept that I'm not perfect, and nobody is. And anybody that thinks they're perfect is just full of crap. 'Cause if you believe in the Bible, and you believe you're perfect, then you're all screwed up because it says plainly that nobody's perfect.

I don't wanna have my own point of view forced upon people. I will share my point of view. If they disagree, they disagree. That's their opinion. But I just want to teach what's straight out of the bible, the truth, without twisting it to fit my needs, to make me look good.

The message I wanna give, it's not necessarily, "Okay, you can go listen to heavy metal music, and grow your hair long." It's not really so much about that as it is of just gettin' away from all these rules that the churches have made up to suit their own needs. And just get back down to the basics of what the Bible says and what it's all about and not about how these stupid doctrines are like "Well, uh, women can't wear make-up; men have to wear pants and blah-buh-blah blah," man.

I wanna reach everybody, not just people like me.

Cody's church

The message I need to get out about Christianity is the fact that just the whole base of it is Christ, and people try to live a Christ-like life by puttin' on their business suits and only hangin' out with these Christian people and stuff. But Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors and thieves.

Man, if you don't make a few people mad and you don't freak a few people out, you're not doin' it right, because Christianity is a whole different way of life, and it's against the culture of what's in the world. And if you fit into it, how could you possibly be livin' it? I dunno if that makes any sense or not. It does in my head, but it's really hard for me to explain. If God's so outstanding and you're not standing out any to people to think, "Well they got somethin' special," then you probably ain't doin' it right. 'Cause if God's just able to blend in to everything else, he's probably not that special. He's probably like something you can pick up at a dollar store. But it's not somethin' little, it's extraordinary. I think you gotta, make an impact somehow. You can't do it by changin' all these things to fit in.

What makes me special -- I don't know if it's so much that I'm special or that God's made me that way -- it's like, Christians aren't supposed to be into heavy metal. That's what they say, anyways. Heavy metal isn't supposed to be Christian. But I feel that I'm both of those, so people are gonna take notice of that. And I figure they'll listen to me 'cause I know what I'm talkin' about when it comes to both worlds -- somebody that's been into drugs and metal and all just, they can't just look at me and say, "Well, you don't know what I'm goin' through," and a preacher can't argue with me over something thinkin' that I have no idea what he's talking about.

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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