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cody: jessica

I haven't had many girlfriends, because mainly they think I'm too weird. And I love Jessica a lot, 'cause she understand me a lot, and she supports me with things I do.

I met her through this one girl at school that used to play drums in the band with me. Jessica is really fun to be around. We both love music, and we got the same sense of humor. And we're both Christians, so we get along real good in that and everything. She's real cool. She's got a real open mind about things.

We've prayed together before. It's not really about anything special, we just decide, pick something, pray about different things for people if something bad's happening to somebody. 'Cause it says in the Bible that when more than one gets together, it makes the prayers so much stronger, so we pray a lot together.

If we do get married, we're not gonna have a lot of money at first. Nobody does. We're both gonna get jobs. We're gonna start saving money from that. So we'll have money to go out and get a place. And we're both gonna keep our jobs and support each other with our two paychecks. And then later on, as time goes on, I'd like to get a good job to where she wouldn't have to work, cause I just have this big thing in my head -- I want to be the provider and stuff like that. She kinda just wants to stay home take care of the kids. We're kinda like that. Kinda old fashioned really.

You don't think looking at us that we're old fashioned, but we are. I'm expecting if we got married it'd be somewhere between 19 and early 20s. I don't really want to be conservative. Pretty much the whole reason we want to get married is we don't want to really settle down for a while, but the thing is, we want to be right there by each other's side while we are doing stuff. Because I don't want another woman and she doesn't want another man. And we're still planning on just doing whatever we were gonna do at 20-some-odd years old. We're just gonna do it together.

At one point in time I wasn't too fond of staying with one person. I like skiffin' around from girl to girl. But Jessica is just unlike anybody else I've ever met. Real sweet, she's always supported me with everything I've done. And she's just a great person.

That does surprise me because I tried not to get close to people. I tried not to get close to her, but I couldn't help it. I try my hardest not to get close to people because, from my past, I've just been hurt too many times by people. And so I withdraw from people a lot. And something wouldn't let me do that with her.

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posted jan. 9, 2006

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