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The Arellano-Felix Organization: The  Arrellano-Felix Organization (AFO) is the most violent drug trafficking cartel in North America. Based out of Tijuana, Mexico, AFO has shipped for over a decade tons of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine into the U.S each year.  Annual revenues are into the hundreds of millions of dollars says the FBI.

The Narco 'Juniors' of the Arrellano-Felix Cartel  [Video]

AFO's innovative strategy is befriending and recruiting 'juniors'--young, educated men of middle-and upper-class families living on both sides of the San Diego-Tijuana border. AFO uses them as drug runners and hit men. 'Juniors' get involved with the cartel not necessarily to become wealthy but for "la fama"--the fame of the gangster life. This is the story of what happened to one of these young men, told by his family and a fellow 'junior.'
A Family affair

An overview of the AFO's organizaton, operations and strategy, and how authorities in Mexico and the United States have gone after trying to shut them down.
Members of the AFO

Here's a rundown, with descriptions and pictures, of the Arellano brothers and their associates.
The Fate of a Narco-'Junior'

A report detailing the disappearance of Alex Hodoyan, a young middle class man from Tijuana who worked for the Arellano-Felix Organization (see also: video report).
Interviews with Heidi Landgraff (DEA) and Vince de la Montaigne (FBI)

Landgraff is a group supervisor at the DEA in San Diego, currently investigating the Arellano Felix cartel. De La Montaigne, retired special agent for the FBI, was stationed in San Diego for seven years and supervised the Arellano Felix Cartel Task Force. They describe what makes this cartel different from other cartels in its operations, brutality and strategies.
The Arellano Felix Organization Rules Tijuana by Ruthless Terror

This July 2000 article is part of the San Diego Union Tribune's series on the AFO.

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