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The 1999 SAT
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Today's SAT I: Reasoning Test is a three-hour test of verbal and mathematical reasoning ability that reflects the latest knowledge of mental measurement and generates scores related to academic success in college. The test is primarily multiple-choice, but each question must pass a series of rigorous statistical and sensitivity reviews before it becomes operational. This year, more than 2.2 million students in the U.S. and 100 foreign countries sent SAT scores to more than 3,000 colleges and universities. Every fall, the College Board publishes demographic, socioeconomic and academic data on 1.1 million high school seniors with SAT scores -- a population about the size of the new freshman class at all four-year institutions.

The web site has sample questions from the original SAT, and from the contemporary SAT, with instant scoring, if you'd like to try your hand at both.

And here are some more sample questions from the 1999 SAT:

6. The general view of gorillas as menacing, ferocious King Kongs was not successfully             until Diane Fossey's field studies in the 1960's showed gorillas to be peaceable, rather fainthearted creatures, unlikely to             humans.

(A) counteracted . . please
(B) enhanced . . murder
(C) verified . . attack
(D) dispelled . .captivate
(E) challenged . . threaten

7. The quotation attributing to the mayor the view that funds for police services should be cut was            ; it completely             the mayor's position that more police should be hired.

(A) inflammatory . . justified
(B) abbreviated . . curtailed
(C) meticulous . . misstated
(D) egregious . . underscored
(E) spurious . . misrepresented

8. A             is concerned not with whether a political program is liberal or conservative but with whether it will work.

(A) radical (B) utopian (C) pragmatist D) partisan (E) reactionary

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