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INCOME: $40,000
FATHER'S EDUCATIONAL LEVEL: two-year college graduate
MOTHER'S EDUCATIONAL LEVEL: two-year college graduate

SOPHOMORE YEAR  (Courses/Grades)

World HistoryAA
Philosophy & LitA
Adv. EssayAA
Algebra I/TrigAA
Biology AA
German IIAA
German III (Hon)A
JUNIOR YEAR (Courses/Grades)

US History(AP)BB
English 3(Hon)AA
Math Analysis(Hon)AA
Chemistry AB
Computer ScienceAA

Student Government Treasurer 1999

Track and Field 10th Grade

MESA-Math Engineering Science Art 9th-12th grades
vice-president '97-'98

Academic Decathlon 9th-12th
Captain '97-'98 & "98-"99

JFK Soccer 11th &12th

Church Choir 9th-11th



Sat Scores


We are shaped and fashioned by what we love, Goethe. There is more truth in this one statement than anything else that can be said about me. I have been shaped from my love of learning, interest in the human body and my passion for music. I am what I love. Because of this I have been able to accomplish several things that I am proud of. When my family decided to the United Sates, the last thing that was on my mind was the future language barrier. Up to this time I thought the whole world could speak and understand Spanish. So far the only English I heard was in music. When I finally realized I was in a totally different place without Spanish I didn't feel that it bothered me too much, songs from sesame streets pulled me through a lot. It took me two years to become fluent in English. Quickly a new curiosity took me at about this time I realized that there were hundreds of languages that I did not know. Whenever I can I try to get close to someone who can teach me something new. In the third grade, if not sooner, my younger brother's kindergarten teacher began to teach me Greek. I quickly to learned everyday phrases, the numbers and the alphabet, along with the language I also acquired knowledge of Greek mythology and culture. These are probably the things that stuck with me the most but because of these little Greek classes I knew I wanted to communicate with the world.

It was a commonly known fact that there is only one common language spoken throughout the world and that is music. Music has been the biggest part in my life. Even before I knew any English, I knew how to sing in it, though I didn't it was another language. I just thought tat they were Spanish words that I hadn't learned yet. Music has constantly been in my life. I've always loved singing. The only time that one will find me not singing will be at school. My first musical performance was vocal. I was in a choir. In the fourth grade with the influence of my sister and the television broadcast of symphonies I decided to take up the flute. I think that it was love at first sight and sound. This instrument could express all kinds of emotions and it did beautifully. The more I played it the more I thought about becoming a professional. Now I understand that because of my school's lack of a program I had to explore new options and this has led me to even greater knowledge. Music has given me so much more to love and to dream for.

Most people have an incentive to do things. Some prosper because of their love of money, pride, or to prove something to others. I have only one and that is my love of learning and knowing that whatever I do I am helping someone one way or another. The only person that I need to prove anything to is myself. I have a need to push myself farther than I already have, trying things and show myself my full potential. No one ever told me "Betsy, try learning a new language" I was already fluent in two but something compelled me to learn a third. Soon after that I began a program at UCB called Academic Talent Development Program for six weeks to learn German. I stuck with this language for three summers and two school years. I could not be happier with anything else that I have done, I've met all kinds of people I never thought I would meet and I've traveled to see countries I had never dreamed of seeing. Why German? Well it is quite simple. German is the language that Mozart, Beethoven and Bach spoke. Why would I learn anything else.

I have always had an interest in the human body. In Nature it is the most perfect thing. One of the things that inspired my fascination with the human body was Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. They are so perfect. The bodies on the wall are so whole and realistic. When one looks at something so perfect, he wonders to himself how one man could have painted all those perfect lifeless beings. Yet he can forget that god has created all the people that surrounds him and they are all perfect including himself. When one talks does he think to himself of all the things that are involved in just one word, or when one walks, all the things that the brain and body must do to take just one step. All of these things are fascinating to me.

In college I plan to expand my knowledge in all the things that I love. My priority is to learn all there is to learn about the human body mainly because what I want to do is to help people who can not use their body the same way that I can because they have had an unfortunate accident. It is not fair we are all given all kinds of gifts, but without our bodies we are not able to use them. I also plan to extend my knowledge in German and in music. I do not thing that anything is going to keep me away from music. I also plan to broaden my knowledge in things that I do not know anything about because their are still so many things.

did they get in?

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