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Flashback The Carpenter from Nazareth

December 24, 2008

“The historian's task in understanding Jesus and the Jesus movement ... is a lot like the archaeologist's task in excavating a tell. You peel back layer after layer after layer of interpretation.”
Holland L. Hendrix, President, Union Theological Seminary

Of the 70-plus FRONTLINE programs available online, few have attracted more visitors than the 1998 miniseries From Jesus to Christ. Written and produced by Marilyn Mellowes, this painstaking and epic account draws on the work of contemporary scholars -- historians, theologians, archaeologists -- who have devoted their lives to understanding the life and times of Jesus and the origins of Christianity.

As Christians the world over celebrate the birth of Christ, we commend the series to your attention. The opening sequence is posted on this page. The entire series, and a rich collection of accompanying materials, are available on the program webpage.

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