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"A True Miracle"

November 30, 2010
In the wake of last week's startling announcement that daily use of Truvada, an antiretroviral therapy pill, helps prevent HIV infection, here's a look back to the 1996 discovery of combination therapy and how it works. The video is from our 2006 miniseries The Age of AIDS, which tells the global story of the worst pandemic of modern times. The miraculous "triple cocktail" treatment seemed to signal a new era in which AIDS was no longer a fatal disease. But the high price of the drugs meant they were unaffordable to patients in developing nations. Even today -- despite high-profile...
Who Killed Rafiq Hariri?In the News

Who Killed Rafiq Hariri?

November 22, 2010
Riveting, sometimes shocking details from a CBC investigation that appears to confirm what's long been suspected... VIEW
Law ManFlashback

Law Man

November 8, 2010
VIEW: Does what Barack Obama pulled off while at Harvard Law years ago suggest what he might try again in dealing with a divided Congress? During a particularly heated period at the law school, he was able to bring people together and build bridges to disparate factions, even while angering his supporters. More about his Harvard Law days from FRONTLINE's interviews with some classmates and journalists. And view the full program, The Choice 2008....

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