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Under Fire in HelmandComing Attractions

Under Fire in Helmand

September 18, 2009
Video of our team's recent embed with U.S. forces -- from our report, Obama's War, coming Oct. 13th.
The Card GamePreview

The Card Game

September 9, 2009
Our new blog on the consumer lending industry is launched - part of FRONTLINE's joint project with The New York Times --
Bank of America-Merrill Lynch MergerIn the News

Bank of America-Merrill Lynch Merger

July 15, 2009
The row continues. Henry Paulson appeared before a House committee last week to defend his involvement in the deal. Here's a clip from our inside report--
The Madoff AffairComing Attractions

The Madoff Affair

May 1, 2009
So you'd really like to know just how he pulled off his multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme? Here's a clip from an exclusive interview with a fellow who's pretty key to understanding everything that happened...
Green Forests, Clear Waters - and PitchforksComing Attractions

Green Forests, Clear Waters - and Pitchforks

April 15, 2009
Some of the natives are restless in our Northwest. They've lost the right to develop the land they own. Here's the issue. Here's our clip--
Out of WhackComing Attractions

Out of Whack

March 26, 2009
A sneak preview from our report on health care coming Tuesday (3.31). It's about the millions of Americans whose lives have become a quest to find and keep health insurance...
The Chicago SchoolIn the News

The Chicago School

November 5, 2008
Since first running for office in 1996, Barack Obama has lost only one election -- to a former Black Panther who beat him like a drum in a Chicago congressional race. Here's what happened...
Climate Change: Then and NowInside FRONTLINE

Climate Change: Then and Now

October 14, 2008
Are we making progress on global warming? Watch HEAT, now available online, and then see what prominent scientists had to say on the same subject eight years ago, when we interviewed them for What's Up with the Weather?

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