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They've Got Your NumberFlashback

They've Got Your Number

October 31, 2008
Do campaign ads really work? And if so, how? For an inside look at how the sausage is made, and who makes it, we nominate this excerpt from a 2004 FRONTLINE classic, The Persuaders.
Taliban RisingIn the News

Taliban Rising

October 28, 2008
Just broadcast on FRONTLINE, a harrowing look at a part of the world that will put the new American commander-in-chief to one of his first and most difficult tests.
Unsafe HavenFlashback

Unsafe Haven

October 27, 2008
The U.S. cross-border raid that left seven dead in a remote corner of Syria on Sunday has focused international attention on a place, and a story, that FRONTLINE/World had reported on three years ago.
Necessary ForceFlashback

Necessary Force

October 23, 2008
Twenty-five years ago this week, a suicide bomber drove a truck full of TNT into the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon, killing 241 American soldiers. As members of a multi-national peacekeeping force, the Marines had come to Lebanon not to fight, but to restore order in a country riven by civil war. Dangerously exposed and lacking a clear mandate, they were, said one key player, "a disaster waiting to happen." And when it did, U.S. resolve collapsed along with the barracks -- within months, the last of the American troops had left the country, never to return. Even before the...
The Powell DoctrineIn the News

The Powell Doctrine

October 22, 2008
It was the endorsement that understandably produced the headlines out of Colin Powell's appearance on Meet the Press, but a point the general made along the way is proving to have legs of its own. On the persistent allegations that Sen. Obama is a Muslim, the "correct" answer, Powell said, is that he's not, but the "really right answer is, what if he is?" What was perhaps most striking about the question was how long it took for anyone of real stature, in either party, to ask it. As Maureen Dowd pointed out in her column on the subject, "even...
A Terrorist in the FamilyVideo

A Terrorist in the Family

October 14, 2008
From deep inside the brutal and endless Sri Lankan civil war, a harrowing FRONTLINE World report on a young woman's journey from devout Catholic schoolgirl to Tamil Tiger suicide bomber.
Climate Change: Then and NowInside FRONTLINE

Climate Change: Then and Now

October 14, 2008
Are we making progress on global warming? Watch HEAT, now available online, and then see what prominent scientists had to say on the same subject eight years ago, when we interviewed them for What's Up with the Weather?
Great American BailoutFlashback

Great American Bailout

October 13, 2008
What happens when the government goes from buyer of "troubled assets" to seller of same? These clips from The Great American Bailout (1991) may offer some clues from an earlier, similar crisis.
The more things change ...Flashback

The more things change ...

October 12, 2008
As the financial crisis continues, these excerpts from a 1999 FRONTLINE called The Crash are a vivid reminder a) that we've been here before, and b) that we're not the world's speediest learners.
The Age of AIDSFlashback

The Age of AIDS

October 6, 2008
Among the many extraordinary stories told in FRONTLINE's much-acclaimed four-hour series, The Age of AIDS, was the tale of how the elusive virus was finally identified. It was, and remains, a gripping narrative ...

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