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HIV, continuedFlashback

HIV, continued

November 30, 2008
On the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day, a brief excerpt from FRONTLINE's definitive series, The Age of AIDS, to remind us why attention must be paid.
Mumbai: The Pakistan ConnectionIn the News

Mumbai: The Pakistan Connection

November 29, 2008
The question now: who did it? India suspects its next door neighbor and longtime foe. A bit of background from a close observer -- our own Martin Smith.
The John Brennan HubbubIn the News

The John Brennan Hubbub

November 26, 2008
Once front-runner to head CIA, he pulled his name, in part due to an uproar over comments made to FRONTLINE. It occurred to us you might want to see what he said, and the context.
Ask Your Doctor?In the News

Ask Your Doctor?

November 26, 2008
The high-profile child psychiatrist who first put childhood ADHD on the map is unhappily back in the news. The backstory on his ties to Big Pharma.
While Zimbabwe BurnsFRONTLINE / World

While Zimbabwe Burns

November 21, 2008
Is there anywhere on the planet hurting more than Zimbabwe? A harrowing eyewitness report on a once prosperous nation turned full-blown humanitarian disaster.
When Thomas Met SallyIn the News

When Thomas Met Sally

November 20, 2008
Long before she won this year's National Book Award for nonfiction, Annette Gordon-Reed explored the same terrain for FRONTLINE in Jefferson's Blood.
Tobacco RolledFlashback

Tobacco Rolled

November 19, 2008
Ten years ago this week, Big Tobacco cried uncle, in the largest civil settlement in U.S. history. Watch an excerpt from FRONTLINE's Inside the Tobacco Deal.
Class DividedFlashback

Class Divided

November 7, 2008
From deep in the archives, a FRONTLINE Classic: The story of an Iowa schoolteacher who taught her third graders a lesson on intolerance they wouldn't soon forget.
The Chicago SchoolIn the News

The Chicago School

November 5, 2008
Since first running for office in 1996, Barack Obama has lost only one election -- to a former Black Panther who beat him like a drum in a Chicago congressional race. Here's what happened...
Congo on the BrinkFRONTLINE/World

Congo on the Brink

November 3, 2008
With Congo back in the news, one key player in the story goes largely overlooked: China. For background on China's surprising role, and growing influence in the region, see this 2007 report from FRONTLINE/World.

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