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In the News The One and Only Hugo...

May 21, 2009

“There was a dream-like quality to the scene - the blistering sun, village women waist-deep in the ocean blowing kisses to the president...”
Rory Carroll

About This Clip:

The Setting -- A stage, camera crew, hundreds of chairs set up beside a Caribbean beach in a hamlet east of Caracas.

The Event -- Episode 291 of Alo Presidente!, Chavez's weekly live TV show that's unscripted and lasts for hours.

The Moment -- Chavez invites Guardian correspondent, Rory Carroll, seated in the audience, to ask a question.

Unfortunately, Carroll picks the wrong question.

Postscript: The clip is from our November report,The Hugo Chavez Show. Within days of its broadcast in the U.S., Globovision grabbed the program video off our site and aired it. At the time, many Venezuelans were sure the axe would soon fall on Globovision.

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