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In the News Israel's Enemy Within

May 10, 2009

“What we should be doing is all written in the Bible ... Expel the Arabs!”
Yehoshafat Tor, a settler, Mt. Hebron

VIEW: Some riveting video from our investigation into Israel's small, but dangerous, extremist settlers movement whose long-term agenda is a war against the secular Israeli state itself.

Their vision: Restore the Kingdom of Israel, rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. At the heart of their strategy: More Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the expulsion of all Arabs from Jewish land. Settler population in the West Bank is roughly 285,000; overall settlement growth in '08 was 69 percent higher than in '07.

So how will conservative Prime MInister Netanyahu confront this explosive issue?

READ: Israeli press reviews about this program. And, Peace Now's recent report on settlement growth.

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