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Flashback Commemorating Another Battlefield

July 2, 2009

Back in 1969 Nixon targeted heroin in his campaign against drug use -- but marijuana and cocaine quickly became the next threat.

Here's a 5:00 clip offering a glimpse of an early chapter in the seemingly fruitless campaign -- taken from our 2000 report, Drug Wars, hailed by critics as "perceptive" and "magnetic." (read the reviews).

The excerpt includes George Jung, a dope and coke trafficker (portrayed by Johnny Depp in "Blow"!) ... some "Miami Vice"-like scenes of the '70s-'80s drug culture ... and the candid comments of cops and DEA agents.

Over the years, some FRONTLINE reports are truly special. This is one of them. Read the synopsis.

NOTE: Many who have viewed this clip ask why FRONTLINE isn't streaming the whole four-hour series. Unfortunately, the costs of clearing third party Internet rights - pictures, video, music and guild rights - are prohibitive given FRONTLINE's limited budget.

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