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In the News Who Killed Rafiq Hariri?

November 22, 2010

More than five years after the assassination of former prime minister Rafiq Hariri, a riveting investigation by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has uncovered extensive circumstantial evidence linking the murder to Syrian-backed members of Hezbollah.

The CBC report offers numerous details on how the assassins carried out the spectacular murder plot, which killed 22 others, and the often faltering, feckless probe by UN investigators.

Many speculate a UN prosecutor could soon indict Hezbollah. Could that throw Lebanon into a new political crisis?

FRONTLINE/World correspondent Kate Seelye was living in Beirut when Hariri was killed -- she heard the bomb blast from her apartment. The story she reported at that time showed a country back from the brink after years of civil war and thrown into new chaos by Hariri's death. Hundreds of thousands came out to grieve for the billionaire industrialist from the Sunni elite, who had rebuilt large parts of the country and become its modernizing leader.

VIEW here Seelye's report, The Earthquake, where she travels from Beirut to Damascus asking the same probing questions about Hariri's death as the UN-backed tribunal has been charged with.

Visit the story website for more background.



Well rather than speculate let's wait to see after 5 years who may or my not get indicted.
As of now and multiple failed inquiries all thats sure is the guy got blown up and killed in his car.
Now some one or group planned and executed that!
In Lebanon is it possible legally without a reasonable doubt to say precisely who killed him?
Wake up and stop spending millions of $ to try and find out.
If it would make one iota of difference to the global political or religious situation it might be worthwhile... As of now it is not.

J.V.Hodgson / August 10, 2010 3:40 AM

If Lebonon wants to be recognized as a Democracy it must acts accordingly. As of now, Hizzballah, an armed organization, which is responsible for deaths of many Israelis, and which starts wars has greater military strangth than Lebonese military. Lebonese leaders are week and incapable. Lebonese leaders must realize inaction will bring catastaphy to Lebonon.Lebonon must realize Demacracies pay for its mistakes. As the US is paying in treasure as well as life in Iraq so to Lebonon will pay in the life of its citizens and its ruined buildings if it does not dissmantel Hezbollah. In no Demacracy in the world is there an organization which has greater military strangth than its military. Lebonon is no Demacracy, its a little, week, incapable country which wishes the death of Israel more than the growth and prosperity of Lebonon. If you want to be considered a Demacracy start acting like one.

raps / August 21, 2010 7:02 PM

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