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diet wars


Pre-Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Examining Medical Terms
  • Worksheet: Evaluation of Medical Terms
  • Worksheet: Glossary of Medical Terms

  • Viewing Lesson Plan
  • True and False Viewing Guide
  • Worksheet: Student Viewing Guide #1: True and False
  • Answer Key: Student Viewing Guide #1: True and False
  • Worksheet: Analyzing Factors that Affect Health: Viewing Guide #2

  • Post-Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Learning About My Eating Habits
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #1: What Is a Serving
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #2
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #3: The USDA Food Pyramid
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #4: Student Writing Assignment
  • A History of Changing Foods
  • Worksheet: Food in America

  • Extending the Lesson

    Additional Resources

    Printable .pdf of Entire Guide
    (Adobe Acrobat required)

    » Post-Viewing Lesson Plan

    A History of Changing Foods

    » Lesson Objectives:

    This lesson is divided into two parts.
    In this lesson students will:

    • Examine how and why foods have changed over time
    • Have an opportunity to look at specific food changes and recipes from different time periods

    » Materials Needed:

    • Computers with Internet access
    • Student worksheet: "Food in America"

    » Time Needed:

    • 15 - 20 minutes to read the Web site Food in America and complete the questions. More time will be necessary to complete the lesson extension.

    » Procedure:

    Ask the students to go to the following Web site and answer the questions on the student worksheet "Food in America": http://www.digitalhistory.uh.edu/historyonline/food.cfm

    » Lesson Extension: Food History Lessons

    The following Web site has listings of the kinds of foods consumed from prehistory to the modern time. It also includes recipes. There are many wonderful charts, graphs and discussion about food changes.

    Ask the students to go to the following site:

    They should select one of the following options:

    • Students should choose a favorite food and look at how it has been prepared in different time periods.
    • Students can add information to the information that they researched on the worksheet Food in America.
    • Students could compare diets from prehistory to the 21st century.

    » Method of Assessment:

    Students should turn in their completed worksheets

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