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diet wars


Pre-Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Examining Medical Terms
  • Worksheet: Evaluation of Medical Terms
  • Worksheet: Glossary of Medical Terms

  • Viewing Lesson Plan
  • True and False Viewing Guide
  • Worksheet: Student Viewing Guide #1: True and False
  • Answer Key: Student Viewing Guide #1: True and False
  • Worksheet: Analyzing Factors that Affect Health: Viewing Guide #2

  • Post-Viewing Lesson Plan
  • Learning About My Eating Habits
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #1: What Is a Serving
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #2
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #3: The USDA Food Pyramid
  • Post-Viewing Sheet #4: Student Writing Assignment
  • A History of Changing Foods
  • Worksheet: Food in America

  • Extending the Lesson

    Additional Resources

    Printable .pdf of Entire Guide
    (Adobe Acrobat required)

    » Additional Resources

    » Information on health and diets:

    Nutrition Information and Resource Center
    The Nutritional Information and Research Center, created by Penn State, is an excellent source for nutritional information. It has many excellent links and will answer questions via e-mail.

    Consumer Corner
    This site on the Food and Nutritional Information Center at the National Agricultural Library has many links to answer health questions.

    Food & Nutrition Information Center
    This is the homepage for the Food and Nutritional Information Center at the National Agricultural Library. It has a wide range of information about food safety, food composition and dietary guidelines.

    » Nutritional value of fast food:

    Fast Food Facts - Interactive Food Finder
    This site, created by Olen Publishing, allows you to check on the nutritional value of foods served in fast food restaurants. You can even set criteria for fat and have a search conducted to find sandwiches in the various restaurants that fit your needs. It allows you to create a menu based on your nutritional needs so that you can find healthy choices when you are eating at fast food restaurants.

    » Getting soft drinks out of schools:

    Taking the Fizz out of Soda Contracts: A Guide to Community Action
    This site is designed to help people get soft drinks out of public schools. It contains materials to help create action groups. The guide provides an array of resources that can be utilized when discussing school district policy on soda and other sugary drinks with parents, students, community members and school decision-makers. The guide includes fact sheets on youth soda consumption and the related health consequences.

    » History and foods:

    The Food Timeline - teacher resources for food history lessons
    This site provides "K-12 Teacher Resources for Food History Lessons." It includes a Food Timeline tracing the development of foods and historic recipes. There is a Culinary History Timeline, which examines customs, menus and manners. This is an excellent site with very extensive information on all aspects of food.

    Food History Timeline
    Twentieth Century Timeline: Edibles and Quaffables looks at commercial foods that were developed during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries in America.

    Dining Through the Decades: One Hundred Years of Glorious American Food
    This site looks at how food in America has changed during the last 100 years. It includes the history of the changes as well as the recipes. The information is divided into the 10 decades of the 20th century.

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