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The Best of Doc Severinsen’s Eccentric Outfits


Each night he appeared on The ‘Tonight Show with Johnny Carson’, Doc Severinsen would walk out dawning the most eccentric, loud and gawkish clothing items — all of which he sourced himself.


- Where do you get those outfits?

- Oh, this - - You have some little old pervert in the basement somewhere that - (audience laughing) - [Johnny] (elf-like voice) Look what I'm going to make!

(audience laughing) - [Questlove] Doc Severinsen's wardrobe was as vital and important to the show as any guest that was ever on the show.

- [Johnny] Show us your niblets.

- [Ed] Did you see the size of the lapels on that jacket?

Look at the lapel.

- [Questlove] For the banter between Johnny and Ed, it was a staple.

- First I have a gold lame shirt, which everybody must have.

(audience cheering) You got it, kids.

(audience applauding) - No you should try wearing men's clothing sometime.

(audience laughing) - Most band leaders do something in their dress to be a little bit different.

- [Johnny] Salmon pants, right?

(audience laughing) - [Ed] Yeah.

- And they're swimming upstream, I mean.

(audience laughing) (audience cheering and applauding) - And when they get there, they're gonna die.

(audience laughing) - You don't dress in the same clothes as the guys in the band.

- [Johnny] I don't look at Doc's clothes before I come out, and I don't look at them after I come out either.

(audience laughing) - [Doc] I remember walking down Park Avenue, and there was an Italian clothing store, and they had this window full of ties that were just really wild.

(audience cheering) So I went and bought a bunch of them, took them back, and Johnny made a remark.

I thought, 'I'm moving in the right direction here'. - It's the gray fox.

(audience laughing) - [Johnny] Wow!

- No, the silver stallion.

Ha Ha! (audience laughing) Yeah!

(audience cheering and applauding) - [man] You know those coats he wears, they're like Matador coats.

Those things weigh 40 pounds.

- What is that?

- It's your little old band leader under here.

(audience laughing) - You look like one big fungus.

(audience laughing) - [Johnny] That's the worst skin rash I've ever seen, I don't know.

(audience laughing) - [Doc] You realize - you go 'Uh oh, I've created a monster here and I'm going to have to feed the monster'. - I'm being used to keep that peacock sexually stimulated.

(audience laughing) (cheerful big band music) (shrill trumpet sounding) - [Arturo] Everybody loved his outfit.

It go with his personality, you know?

- Do you dig it?

- [Johnny] Yeah - [Ed] That's nice.

- Just give me a set of whips and a tire iron, and I can go any place.

(audience laughing) - You going to go out and have a knife fight tonight?

(audience laughing) - Look at that outfit.

(audience laughing) - No this, this is my Fire Island bowling jacket.

(audience laughing) - [Arturo] Even if I would love to, I don't believe my wife would let me wear those things.

(Arturo laughing) (shrill trumpet sounding) (energetic big band music)


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